Types of max factor masterpiece mascara

Types of max factor masterpiece mascara

Max factor is an innovative brand with innovative technologies that delivers flawless quality looks. Masterpiece mascara is one of the most popular Max Factor products. The masterpiece mascara provides a perfect matte finish and perhaps that is the reason for its popularity. Although Max Factor is not limited to the creation of mascaras only, let’s switch our focus to the different masterpiece mascaras from Max Factor. Below are some of the different types of Max Factor Masterpiece mascaras readily available for use.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

The Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara transforms and captures lash giving an instant WOW effect. The contact between the formula and the lashes is maximized by the design of the Instant Impact wand. In just a stroke, it instantly transfers it to the bottom of the lash. The lashes are coated and captured as they are brushed through, and this is ensured by the row of rotating bristles. The Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara is ideal for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara 001 Rich Black

The Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara 001 Rich Black has advanced IFX brush that leaves a beauty lover with beautifully framed eyes and envied by many. It can separate and define your lashes to give a professional and striking effect without necessarily having to visit a makeup artist. The high-tech masterpiece IFX brush works by evenly coating even the hard individual lashes at your eye corners. The result of that is having flawless beautifully framed eyes with five times more striking. A masterpiece can also be found as waterproof, and you can use the Masterpiece Max Mascara for a thicker look.

Precautionary Measures

When dealing with these masterpiece mascaras, it is paramount to put into consideration some caution such as:

• Always apply and handle in a hygienic and careful manner.

• In case of changes in appearance and odor, do not attempt using the product.

• Never at any point use any substance to dilute the product.

• Never use if you have scratched infected or irritated eyes.

• Never reuse or share the applicator.

• Always cap tightly.

• In the occurrence of an injury, always seek consultation.

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