The best mascaras in the max factor world

The best mascaras in the max factor world

Mascara can be termed as a girl’s best friend. Its eye softening features that tend out to bring contrast between the lashes and eyes is a never fail move for most women. Max factor have several brands that are designed just to bring out this marvelous effect.

The max factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Coming into the market with one of the biggest brushes, this mascara not only creates volume at the base but also at the tip of the lash. This creates an impression of false lashes at the tip of the lash. This creates an impression of volume and at the same time improves length giving your lashes some of the best mascara looks ever.

It is one of the best mascara out there as it is well tested and at the same time smudge free. This is quite advantageous for sloppy users and lovers of swimming and water sports.

Max factor masterpiece mascara

One of the best mascaras out there. It comes in a small easy to pack continent gold package and an IFX brush. With the simply designed brush you are assured of precision while using the mascara. This allows for easy definition and framing of your lashes to give the ultimate results.

The brush enables for single strand definition to create a very professional look. With this mascara even the smallest lashes at the corner of the eye are not left unattended. It is available in both voluminous and waterproof designs.

Max Factor Clump Defy Volatizing mascara

This is simple easy to use mascara that allows for volume without making your lashes look is specially designed to maintain proper single strand application. This is one of the first clump free mascaras by max factor and definitely one of the best in the market for its specialized brush.

The brush comes with well-spaced bristles to allow for volume without overloading the lashes. The wand comes in a unique curved design to allow for easy loading at the top and bottom.


For your day to day mascara needs max factor has something for everyone all you have to do is try it.

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