Glamorous glow foundation

Glamorous glow foundation

Max Factor Lasting Performance

Long-Lasting Foundation

Beauty lies on the beholder’s eye like our presence in a grandeur party lies in Max lasting performance foundation. As the name signifies lasts longer by blending well with your native skin. They cover the skin giving it a luster and matt natural touch. MAx lasting performance foundation offers an iconic look to the

Smudge Resistant Foundation

Max lasting performance foundation offers smudge –resistant coverage for longer than 8 hours. This helps you to avoid frequent makeup touch-ups in your busy occasion and keeps the charming and radiant look for longer than ever before.

Non- comedogenic

Max lasting performance foundation does not cause comedowns hence they do not clog the pores and so let us not worry about acne or pimple in the future. This will make you experience dramatic flawless Matt finish skin.

Ideal partner for a Sensitive Skin

Max Lasting Performance Foundation does not contain fragrance or hard chemicals that will irritate and damage the tender skin. Thus ideally matches the sensitive skin at Ph. 5.5. This proves that Max Lasting Performance Foundation is non-irritant and does not cause allergy.

Touch –Proof System
Max lasting performance foundation offers a unique touch proof system that which prevents the foundation to run or smudge on your precious clothes or rub on your eye makeovers.

Water Proof

Max lasting performance foundation is water proof matt finish foundation for an eternal beauty. The waterproof technology makes it a class apart from other usual foundations.

How to applyMax Lasting Performance Foundation

1. Apply moisturizer and wait for 5 minutes before applying foundation to let moisturizer is absorbed in.

2. Primer can be used if the makeup has to last through a late night.

3. ApplyMax Lasting Performance Foundation first in the center of your face. Add a few dabs to either cheek near the nose, chin, and a bit on the forehead

4. Using the apt tool blend the foundation around the face. There should be no noticeable lines and finishing should be perfect. Especially it should blend well near the neck and hairline.

5. If case of uneven skin tone due to acne, dark spots, or under-eye circles, take a second run through with your foundation to touch up these areas.

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