Unleash the potential of your lashes with max factor false lash effect

Unleash the potential of your lashes with max factor false lash effect

Eliminate the need to use fake lashes and get ready to create a false lash impact with the Max Factor False Lash Effect. This innovative product is unlike other mascaras available in the market that are only designed to add volume to the base of your lashes. False lash ensures that every single of your eyelash is covered in it from the base to the tip to create an attractive effect of false lashes without actually using a false lash.

Bigger and Better

The false lash effect has the biggest brush ever produced by Max Factor and has 50% more of the bristles to ensure that it covers maximum lashes in a single stroke. The secret to this amazing product is in its ingredients. With the patented Liquid Lash Technology the mascara when used with the big brush spreads right up to the tips of the lashes to create an appearance of having large lashes that can actually turn the heads wherever you go. Moreover, the mascara is also waterproof and can last for up to 24 hours without and smudging or flaking.

Ideal for Everyday Use

The mascara is ophthalmologically tested and is ideal for everyday use. Be it going to your office or attending a party, the false lash effect is the only thing you’ll ever need as far as your lashes are concerned.

Tips for Applying the Mascara

• To ensure that you have the best results possible, do use an eyelash curler when you are about to apply the false lash effect mascara. Curling them before applying mascara will neatly shape the lashes and will also help in opening of the wye area.

• Sit in front of the mirror and apply the mascara with the use of the brush from one side to the other side, starting from the base and all the way to the tips.

• Then look up and start applying the mascara on your lower lashes in the same pattern. The brush also has a ball tip that will allow you to neatly coat every single eye lash for a clean and more defined look.

• Wait for a few minutes for the first layer to dry down and then continue the same for a second coat on the upper lashes.

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