Flaunt your baby bump with maternity jeans

Flaunt your baby bump with maternity jeans

There are many maternity clothes available in the market. Special maternity clothes are designed to fit the changing shape and growing bellies of the women during pregnancy. They can look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable by wearing these clothes. In this modern times women love to flaunt their baby bumps hence many brands have come up with these maternity clothes which are selling worldwide. Women have the choices to choose from dresses, loose shirts and maternity jeans. Different styles, washes and colors are available in maternity jeans.

Different maternity jeans category are

 Jeggings

 Skinny

 Bootcut

 Flare

Tips on buying skinny maternity jeans

 Under or over bump: Maternity jeans are available in these two styles. Under bump jeans fit from the bottom of the belly i.e. on the waist. This is like any other ordinary jeans. Over bump jeans fit on the top of the belly. It will cover your entire belly and keep you protected. One can select between the two as per their preference.

 Bootcut, skinny or straight leg: Skinny or straight leg are the preferred choice for maternity jeans. They keep the growing curves balanced. One can look stylish with these skinny or straight leg jeans when matched with maternity type’s long loose shirts or tops.

 Fabric: Select the fabric that is more comfortable and easy to wear. The fabric should not cause any kind or irritation or itchiness to the skin. It should be soft and smooth on the body.

 Length: The length of the jeans should reach upto your heel. Ankle length jeans also look trendy and add style to your personality.

What to look for when buying skinny maternity jeans

• Look for different styles and washes in a little bigger size so that when the baby bump grows it does not look ridiculous.

• Try the different sizes and styles. Select the one which is most comfortable.

• One can go for demy a panel jean which expands when the belly grows.

• Select the jeans that have soft and smooth panels. They should be stretchable but should not cause any skin irritations.

• The jeans should have wider ankles so that they are easy and comfortable to wear

• Maternity jeans with side panels are considered to be the best choice as they provide enough stretch as your belly grows.

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