Mascara-its history, ingredients, and psychology

Mascara-its history, ingredients, and psychology

Mascara is a type of cosmetic that is used to enhance the looks of the eyes. It is used to darken the eyelashes, add textures, and define them. Normally, Mascara comes in three different forms-liquid, cake, and cream. Most mascara in the market these days are made from complex formulas, but most of them are made with common pigments like waxes ad oils.


Mascara is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, around 4000 BC. It was used to drift away the evil or the negative energy. With the many empires that saw a phase on this map, mascara kept on gaining popularity. In the Victorian era, the art of makeup was glorified, women spent hours indoors or at the parlors experimenting with makeup, in all of which, mascara was a popular choice.

The Ingredients of Mascara

As the demand for mascaras increased due to its gaining popularity, researches came out with new formulas to make it, most of which include the common basic constituents as mentioned above. The pigments used in the modern day mascara is same as those used in the Egyptian and the Victorian era. Shoot, tar, and coal are strictly prohibited by the standards of FDA. Instead of these, carbon black is used. There are various oils used in the production, some of them are linseed oil, lanolin, castor oil, and sesame oil. The variations change with respect to the desire for an effect.

The Psychology behind the Use of Mascaras

In literature and history, the western culture glorifies you, and tries to preserve it and make it even more beautiful. It tends to become a priority in the society. The characteristics of children, the tenderness in them is often seen as a characteristic of women. People try to preserve this tenderness with the use of mascaras.

Mascaras have a growing market, as it is prevalent in many cultures, mostly the Indian culture where it’s used on the new born babies. For civilizations, it has been an important element of the art of makeup, and has inspired many of the modern day makeup products.

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