Enhance the beauty of your eyes with mascara

Enhance the beauty of your eyes with mascara


Mascara is a beauty product which is used for giving an illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes. Mascara enhances the overall beauty of eyes and gives a very bold look. They are very popular in the whole world and used to accentuate the eyes. Mascara are usually in color black to match the color of the eyelashes. They come in liquid, cream and cake forms. Liquid liner is most comfortable form of mascara. Mascara uses components like oils, wax creams and pigments. It is thought that the origin of mascara is from ancient times in Egypt. Initially, kohl’s were used by them and was believed to keep evil away from them. Kohl was made by soot and oil. They were later transformed and used for cosmetics in the form of mascara.

Evolution of mascara

From kohl to mascara to different eyelash volatizing and lengthening ingredients were added to bring a beauty with benefit combination. Nowadays, there are many beauty brands which provide and claim better range of mascara. Some of the brands include Maybelline, L’Oréal, and Rommel etc. Two to three coats of the mascara can give you beautiful and fuller looking eyelashes. The formulas keep improving to cater the increasing demand and needs of the consumers. Variations and improvements in the product results in great sales. Mascara consists of ingredients like waxes, oils and pigments. Oils like castor oil which has known properties of improving hair quality, mineral oils, linseed oil, and sesame oil are added to the formulation. It is a dream come true for women who love to have beautiful and long eyelashes.

Safety measures while using mascara
One should be very careful if they are first timers or have just started using mascara.

– The use of mascara should be strictly used by adults and kept away from children’s reach.

– It is good to change the packaging in every 3 months and go for a new fresh packaging for use

– If you encounter any pungent odor from the tube, one should immediately change the tube.

– One should be careful when applying mascara, so that you do not poke yourself into the eye.

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