Reveal sensational lashes with mascara from maybelline

Reveal sensational lashes with mascara from maybelline

In many ways a mascara works as a finishing touch to your makeup application. Fast and extremely easy to use, you can simply put in a bit of mascara if you are running out to time to sport a glamorous look. As it is said that the eyes are the windows to our soul and mascara is that make-up essential that can make the window appear much more beautiful and attractive.

A mascara is one thing that every women should carry in the bags, purse, or store in their drawer, but with so many options available, it can be very difficult to choose the right mascara for you.

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The wide range of mascara rom Maybelline alone offers can be very confusing for many. In your bid to choose the best Maybelline mascara, we have created a list of important points that can help you make a correct decision.


Mascara from Maybelline are available in a wide range of colors. Some colors can look good on you, while some others may not. A perfect way to choose the perfect mascara color is to match it with your hair color. Black is perfect for brunettes, while brown shade is ideal for blondes. However, if you are a little on the conservative side, or want to wear mascara to your office then you should skip colored mascaras and stick to black, as colored mascaras are highly noticeable.


There are two main types of mascaras offered by Maybelline- lengthening mascara and thickening mascara. Lengthening mascaras feature thicker bristles that enable you to get more mascara, especially on the tip of your lashes. This makes your eyes look much more attractive and well-defined.

Thickening mascaras have higher amount of waxes and polymers. It completely coats the lashes and make them look heavier and bulkier. This is highly recommended for women who have fine or small lashes.


Brush type also plays a significant role in applying mascara. A curved brush is able to coat more of your lashes in a single stroke, whereas a straight brush is perfect for applying mascara on the lashes at the corner of you eye.


Lashes, like hair, are made from protein and can be damaged by harsh chemical. Apart from making your eyes appear more attractive, mascaras from Maybelline cares for them as well. The ingredients in them help protect the lashes and are also able to solve some of the common problems.
Keep the above mentioned tips in mind while selecting a mascara from Maybelline and sport the perfect pair of eyes that will only accentuate your personality further.

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