Things to remember while using mascara

Things to remember while using mascara

Mascara an important beauty product

Mascara is one of the best sources of enhancing the beauty of your eyes as it makes your eyes look bigger and prominent. Every fashion following lady keeps mascara in her bag along with other beauty items. In USA 65% of ladies consider mascara as second most utilized thing from their makeup kit. But it is very important to know that besides the volume it gives to your lashes it contains some toxic ingredients which are absorbed by the body and can harm you especially your eyes.

Chemical Agents Common in Commercial Mascara

Mascara can cause harm to your vision if you are using it regularly without knowing its chemical composition and are using it in an unhygienic way. These mascaras contain Paraben, Aluminum powder, propylene glycol and Retinyl Acetate. The Paraben are considered as source of disrupting estrogens in ladies and can provide funds in causing breast cancer. Similarly the aluminum powder is a metallic substance used as an artificial colour and is considered as neuro- toxin and is more lethal than mercury. As far as Retinyl Acetate (also called as Vitamin A Acetate) is concerned it has an ability to cause severe cellular disturbances which may cause mutation in your genes. Propylene Glycol is the reason for irritation and rashness on the skin and especially in eyes after using mascara.

Mascara for sensitive eyes

If your eyes are really sensitive then you must be very careful while buying and applying commercial mascara. People with sensitive eyes will feel a lot of irritation and sensitization after using mascara with above mentioned chemical ingredients. For this sensitive category beauticians are forcing to use the natural mascaras containing safe and healthy effects on skin. Moreover the natural mascara contains antioxidants naturally derived from fruit and vegetables. This mascara is totally devoid of Paraben and Gluten. The Natural mascara is naturally fragrant and protects your eye lash to fall rather strengthens them and the eye lash naturally grow as a consequence. But the best thing is to discuss with an eye specialist before using any product on your sensitive eyes.

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