The makeover magic

The makeover magic


Beauty makeovers are a way of life among the women folk of urban cities. Everyone wants to look their best and feel their best, and owing to the presence and influence of fashion forward women around, they don’t shy away from taking expert advice to transform themselves and to up their game by enhancing their features and style quotients. This complete change in appearance by way of cosmetics and new hairstyles is known as a makeover. Human beings are greatly influenced by what we see, and thus when perfect flawless faces and bodies are flashed before us on the big screen, we too develop the desire to mimic them and become like them. This is what drives millions of men and women alike to makeovers.


Makeovers are very popular television shows where women with average or no dressing sense revamp their wardrobes according to what suits their body shape and facial features the best and transform into stylish individuals to the surprise and awe of family and friends. Makeovers range from minimalistic and simple changes in external features by applying cosmetics, or a new hair style to advanced transformations as implantations and surgeries. There are numerous make-up artists, stylists and cosmetic surgery doctors who hunt for beauty hungry people, and work on them to showcase their talent to the fashion world too. Makeovers are also a very strong tool in adding confidence to insecure individuals, and making them stronger and less conscious of their flaws.


1. Makeovers for occasions and weddings – include the complete package of head to toe pampering and rejuvenation.

2. Style makeovers – contain fashion advice to suit your personal style and flatter your body, and incorporate the style trends that best suit your personality.

3. Make-up – Make-up can instantly make every ordinary girl look like a celebrity, and hence the craze! These makeovers include informing and suggesting products and tints that suit different skin types.

4. Surgical makeovers – include more serious alterations in appearance by adding to features or removing flawed parts or minimizing them.

5. Corrective makeovers – are for those whose surgeries have gone very wrong and want to have them corrected.

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