L’oréal preference hair colors

L’oréal preference hair colors

Your hair is your finest ornament. L’Oréal presents fade-defiant, glamorous colors with up to 6 weeks of shine and 8 weeks of luster.

Classic: The color to crave! Dim gutsy premium color

Platinum: Impenitent Platinum. Boost shine, defy brassiness.

Highlights: Brush up on your allure highlights- the simple style to brew.

Ombres: Lightening, intense or colored- Which hombre are you?
Superior Preference by L’Oreal

Color shade- Very light Pearl Blonde

The benefits of this product are that it is the exclusive, prime fade- resisting hair color. It gives up to 8 weeks of splendor with excellent grey coverage. It is a permanent color with luster and high shine.

Permanent hair color from L’Oréal is advanced with fade-resisting conditioners. Superior Preference Fade-resisting color & shine system from L’Oréal keeps your hair healthy and silky from root to tips. These permanent colors from L’Oréal feature a limited anti-fade system to get long-lasting color. The 25-minute automatic color processing induces timing clean and cinch.

Liquid- Crème formula

The liquid-crème formula means no-drip, no-run processing and steady, and sturdy color results. Colors don’t go darker than shade that you have selected which makes it the ideal choice.

L’Oréal Preference Liquid-crème Fade-defiant permanent hair color

Here are some of the features of this product which you are absolutely going to love:

• The product is very use to use, do dribble and is an oxidative liquid crème formula.
• It gives an amazing gray coverage.
• L’Oréal Anti- blanches color system gives distinguished and distinctive owned dye molecules for penetrating the cortex of the hair and locking in the color.
• It provides a soft, shimmering and translucent color.
• There is lavender base to avoid green cast.
• The color processing takes not more than 25 minutes.
• It comes in 32 luxurious, beautiful shades.

How to mix

Mix 2 oz. of hair color (i.e. 1 part) to 2 oz. (i.e. 1 part) of Oreo Crème Developer for:

• Getting the shade levels 1-9, you can use 20 or 30 volume capacity.
• Getting the shade level 10, you can go for 40 volume usage.

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