Get a radiant look by applying appropriate liquid foundation

Foundation, the word itself means the base that is applied first to the face before any other cosmetic is applied. Even the selection of rest of the makeup depends on the foundation. Liquid foundation is very popular among people and it comes in various forms and colors. So, it is very important to select the appropriate liquid foundation that matches your skin type and skin tone. Let’s find out which type of foundation is the best for your skin.

Oil based liquid foundation:

Some people naturally have very dry skin and their skin look rough and white all around the year. Such people want moisturizing effect in their foundation. Thus oil based liquid foundation is the best choice for very dry skin. It has various natural oils, which keep on providing moisture to the skin throughout the day. It is of thicker texture and is good for hiding wrinkles and ageing lines in old women.

Oil free liquid foundation:

This foundation is suitable for oily skin. It is water based foundation, which doesn’t contain any oil in its composition. If you feel sticky all time, then this foundation is the perfect choice. It dries up very quickly and offers matte finish to your skin. Thus it is very good option, if you want to have natural looking skin. Moreover it is long lasting and so suitable for everyday use.

Liquid Foundation - 3
Liquid Foundation

Mousse liquid foundation:

It is the mixture of water and silicone. In this type of foundation, silicone works as a lubricant to give moisturizing effect as oil provides in oil based foundation. Thus it is suitable for all skin type from normal to dry to oily skin. It is lighter than oil based foundation and thus can easily blend with the skin. It also offers matte finish and can last for long time. Moreover, it doesn’t clog pores, thus maintains your skin quality.

Sheer foundation:

This is also a silicone base foundation. It is suitable for normal to dry skin. Many of the sheer foundations comes with SPF, thus along with the flawless skin also provides protection from sun. It has transparent type of cover and thus goes well with all type of skin tone.

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