How to find right sunglasses for your face

How to find right sunglasses for your face

Tips to buy sunglasses
Sunglasses are important fashion accessory which makes your vision easier in a bright scorching sunny day. While buying sunglasses few important factors should always be considered. It is better to buy sunglasses with 100% ultraviolet ray protection. You can find them with a sticker pasted on the sunglasses. It is also advisable to buy those sunglasses which cover your eyes and part of face more from sun. Sometimes people think that dark glass lenses will protect more which is not true. So colour just gives a cool feeling but does not prevent more from the sun. Now a day’s people are using polari

Another important thing is to consider money while buying sunglasses. Many people assume that expensive sunglasses can save them from sunlight better as compared to cheaper one. This is not true all the time. So be a good chooser while considering your budget.

Sunglasses and face shapes

While buying sunglasses shape of your face should always be considered to enhance your beauty and style. For that you need to know about the shape of your face. Normally seven shapes are described by beauticians i.e. round, oval, oblong, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond and square. So when you are known to your face shapes then select a contrasting frame for your face. For instance if you possess a round face then you must go for a rectangular frame which are wider and enhance the length of your face. The size of frame also matters a lot in sunglass selection with respect to your face. If you possess a petite face it is not advisable to buy big sized frames.

Lily Pulitzer Sunglasses

Lily Pulitzer sunglasses provide you vibrant colour and wide range of sunglasses for all seasons especially during summer. One can utilize them on beach, in parties and anywhere according to occasion. Level of comfort is very high for a Lily Pulitzer sunglasses user. These glasses are durable, even polarized now and very durable. They reflect the fashion and style sense of the user.

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