Wardrobe change lilly pulitzer style

Wardrobe change lilly pulitzer style

It is that time of the year that you have been diligently saving for and now the D-day is just round the corner. And this time round, you have decided that you are going for the fresh, bright, colorful and floral outfits that will give you that very chic look. And what better to inspire you than the Lilly Pulitzer dresses. And to pull off a successful wardrobe revamp, here are a few tips to consider.

Have a support system

Yes. A support system is always good. Gather one or two of your closest girlfriends for this venture for wardrobe revamping are no joke. This is especially so true if you are like me who is recovering from a dark and drab fashion sense.

Know your colors

Seeing as you are going for the bright end of fashion, it would be good to give the Lilly Pulitzer dresses a good look as your case study. This is because they are a perfect example of how color coordination is done. Better yet get yourself some from the clearance stores when the time comes.

Know your size

Looking at most of the Lilly Pulitzer dresses; I find that they are usually short. So as you go about shopping for that bright outfit for your wardrobe, make sure that it is a perfect fit and will not make people whisper about your stunts at indecent exposure. If you are a plus size woman, throw in the Lilly Pulitzer maxi dresses for they will compliment your figure magnificently.

Know your personality

Not everyone is a flower person I agree. But that should not stop you from buying that checkered or polka dotted though colorful outfit for yourself. Let your personality be a guide as you go about shopping. If you are in the mood for an outfit with detail, then go for it. It is all about you.

However, as you go about shopping Lilly Pulitzer style this season, throw in a few outfits of the real deal and a couple for your teenage daughter if you have one.

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