Khaki skinny jeans – a must have for all men and women

Khaki skinny jeans – a must have for all men and women

Khaki skinny jeans are suitable for men and women. They are very versatile and good for all seasons. They look very formal but are very comfortable, casual and classy.

How to select the right Khaki jeans for your body type

 Straight figure: People with straight figure can use a belt to add style to their outfit. Low rise and skinny khaki jeans with pockets looks best on this body type.

 Tummy: People with tummy should select high rise khaki jeans and pair it with a wide waistband. This will help in hiding your weight on the stomach and give a slimmer appearance.

 Full hips and thighs: People with heavy weight should avoid tampered and skinny fit. They should select loose fit khaki jeans to avoid exposure of their weight.

 Hourglass figure: Mid and high rise styles are recommended for this body type. Low rise fit not suit this body type and hence should be avoided.

Benefits of Khaki skinny jeans

• Khaki Skinny jean fabrics are very comfortable and can be worn on semi-formal and casual events.

Khaki Skinny Jeans

• They give a trendy, stylish and classy look to the skinny jeans lovers.

• Khaki jeans can be teamed up with almost any colored tops or shirts

• Khaki jeans are loved by all. They give a slimmer look to the wearer.

• This color is unisex and can be worn by any gender.

• Leather jackets, Scarves, Blazers go well with khaki jeans.

• Black, white, orange, yellow or any other natural shade can be paired with khaki jeans.

Purchasing tips

 Identify your body shape and then select the one that will be suitable for your body type.

 It is important that the khaki skinny jeans should look good on you and you are able to carry it

 Select the jeans according to your lifestyle and personality.

 It should be perfect for your size and you should be comfortable in it.

 Do not buy too tight or too loose jeans

 Buy the right shade of khaki that suits your style.

 Buy the appropriate sized khaki jeans of good quality

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