Labor jean

Labor jean

Khaki Jean became the wardrobe staple of every one because it is comfortable, affordable and versatile. In the early 1960’s Khaki were worn as working dress of the labor. The fashion of khaki fire is set up in 1987 when Levi Strauss introduced the Docker line. This type of jean is prominent to be worn by all genders and every age.

When compared to Denim which is hard wearing and strong, Khaki Jeans is comfortable for everyday wear. Though the khaki pants are disreputable for every occasion it gives respectability and decorum for the person who is wearing the jeans.


Khaki is a Hindi word and the meaning of this word id dust colored. In early 1840’s when India is under the control of British government, the culture of Khaki began. The British officers dye their clothes with mud, curry powder and tea. To hide the stain they start using khaki colored clothes. Over the years khaki changed its usage and becomes a new trend in fashion for both women and men and it ranges from suits to jackets, but most popularly famous for jeans.

Materials and colors

The material used in khaki jeans is 100 percent cotton thus makes it versatile and durable and can be suitable for any situation. The khaki jean hugs the skinny jean tendency and made out of woven cotton fabric. Two khaki colors are available one is with dark shade and other the light shade.

Types of Khaki Pants

Khaki jeans come with a range of options when it comes to style.

Plain Front – available with a top button and a plain zip front contains no pleats. It goes well for casual wear.

Pleated Front – front part of the jean is having single or double pleats and it is apt for broad waistlines.

Classic Cut – comes with straight leg cut and plane front. Available in various earth tones and appropriate for work or casual wear.

Cargo Style – featured with several pockets on the leg, back and sides. It always goes well as casual wear.

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