A summary of kett cosmetics

A summary of kett cosmetics

KETT COSMETICS products are in a wide application in the industry such as for print, runway and film. Despite the demanding changes and improvements in technology, KETT COSMETICS remains to be a leading innovator. KETT specializes in airbrush makeup classes, airbrush makeup, and airbrush equipment. KETT Hydro airbrush foundations is an airbrush makeup that is water-based and offers airbrush application versatility or by makeup sponge and brush.

For both tattoo and bridal coverage, KETT Hydro Proof waterproof airbrush makeup is a high endurance and smudge proof makeup. From fantasy to beauty makeup, KETT COSMETICS is ideal for both body and face. A wide variety of collections enables an endless number of combinations. KETT Hydro collection comprises of Blush Collection, Hydro Foundations, Metal Collections, Color Theory and the Contour Collection. KETT Hydro Proof Collection comprises of Hydro Proof Color Theory, Hydro Proof Foundations, KETT FX, and Hydro Proof Color Collectors, which are used mainly for tattoo coverage.

KETT Hydro Makeup

It is a water-based and a silicon-free formula designed for a finger to airbrush application. It comes in some shades perfect for body, face and eye makeup. Coverage is adjustable from sheer to full; this light-weight formula offers a professional wear with a natural matte finish. It is suitable for any skin type providing a fragrance, hydrating and antioxidant rich vegan.

KETT Hydro Proof Makeup

It is an alcohol-based and a waterproof formula exclusively designed for airbrush use. It is found in quite some shades perfect for body and facial makeup. Coverage is adjustable from sheer to full; this light-weight formula offers an indelible wear with a natural matte finish. Through any situation, this rub-proof and waterproof formula wears glamorously and stays put unless when removed. It is ideal for different skin types and provides a fragrance vegan.

KETT Fixx Crème Makeup

It is a waterproof and a wax-based cream formula that is perfectly created for the application from concealer and shadow base to the foundation, primer, and camouflage. Both hydrating and weightless, this formula provides a natural finish and is long lasting. It can be found in an extended range of neutral undertones, Ruby, and olive. It has vitamin E, A and C, Jojoba and is perfect for all types of skins.

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