Kanebo trapped in a costly scandal

Kanebo trapped in a costly scandal

Kanebo Cosmetics was founded back in 1887 and is the leading cosmetic manufacturer across all Japan. Holding Japan’s most of the cosmetic market share, Kanebo becomes the most widely known range of products in Japan. Starting its history with the silk thread production in the 1800s and their launch of Savon De Soi earning them the top private sales in Japan established the company as a brand. It was not until 1936 that Kanebo launched its cosmetics on a large scale earning them a distinct place in the cosmetic industry.

Kanebo in International Market:

The brand not only concealed itself to just cosmetic products but also started exporting products to Hong Kong and set up different health laboratories in Paris and Japan. Establishing different beauty institutes earned Kanebo a name distinct from just making cosmetic products. Establishing Kanebo Cosmetics (China) and entering the cosmetic market of Russia and Switzerland in the late 2000s earned a worldwide brand equity to Kanebo not only as a cosmetic company but as a beauty research institute across the world.

Gain in Fame:

Kanebo’s finest range of skincare and makeup products has provided him with a brand equity and fame crossing borders across the whole world with its 100 years old of global heritage and history of making the finest products of skincare earned the brand a place among the most popular and finest cosmetic brands of the world. Entering Thailand and 8 Eastern Europe nations brought Kanebo into the limelight as one of the finest brands in the cosmetic industry.

Rise of the Scandal:

The Scandal involving Kanebo Cosmetics’ skin whitening products shows that the brand casual attitude towards the effected consumers has caused the brand a lot of trouble these days. The issuance of report on 11th September 2013 by the lawyers of Kanebo regarding the 10,000 customers developing Leukoderma -a loss of skin pigmentation in the body, caused a huge outcry as if the brand’s products are even safe for future use. It wasn’t until July 2013 that Kanebo started revising its products containing 4HPB that it had developed. It gave rise to a number of questions regarding Kanebo Cosmetics which are still up for debate till date.

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