An overview of the kabuki brush

An overview of the kabuki brush

Also known as the mushroom brush, the Kabuki brush has dense bristles and is used for make-up. It has a short stem, and its head is in most cases rounded although not ruling out the exemption that others are flat. Although most bristles are made of synthetic fibers, it is also common to find bristles made from animal hair. Below is a close look at different Kabuki brush and their features.

F80 Flat Kabuki

This Kabuki brush has a head that is flat with dense and very soft fibers. This brush does not absorb any product, and it gives a flawless and a good finish with either cream or liquid foundation. Due to its design, it is usually used in the application of powdered makeup that is also loose on the face. Examples of such make-up include the face powder and the foundation. The brush offers a natural looking coverage because of the fact that it blends the makeup evenly on the face.


The brush is made up of sigma fibers. The fibers help to apply evenly powers products and cream onto the skin and give that high definition effect. The premium filaments featured on the brush are designed to give an outstanding softness, mechanical strength, high durability and chemical and heat resistance. The advantage of sigma fibers is that they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Some of these Kabuki brush are made of Sigma alloy for strength and durability. The handle is made up of a sustainable and lightweight source of wood.

Foundation Kabuki Brush

The Foundation Kabuki Brush is a tapered and soft brush used for the precise application of foundation. With the convenient weight and size of a normal Kabuki brush, this synthetic brush has the features of a traditional foundation brush. It’s dense, and large shape is tapered to offer a quick application of a wide variety of different foundation formulas. The tapering is mostly done at the end for that specific application. It has straight fibers that are soft, and they make it possible to have a buildable coverage and offer a flawless finish. The Foundation Kabuki brush is the most suitable tool in regards to applying a Pro Finish in both dry and wet applications.

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