jessica simpson wedges outfit

jessica simpson wedges outfit

Not a high heel fan? Then wedges are just the footwear for you. They too are just as varied in design as the so called high heel but they are not as strenuous to walk or run in if I might add.But if the wedge has never been your cup of tea and yet you have decided to try them out for one reason or another, then you had better have a plan. Also as warning, you might have a few falls or staggers here and there before you get it right.

Start small

For a start, do not go running off to buy like ten pairs of Jessica Simpson wedges when you even have no idea how to walk in them. A pair or two would do the trick. And once you get the handle on things then you can go and shop to your fill.

Practice, practice, practice

Please don’t laugh if you are a ninja in wedges but truth is for some they are a devil like the high heels. But a lesser of the two. With your Jessica Simpson wedges on your delicate feet, take time off each day and walk in them for a bit. Gradually, you too, will fall in love with them and find that they will serve you just as dutifully as the heels.

Make sure you respect the Fashion Don’ts

The Jessica Simpson wedges are coveted by many women because of their offer in different styles, designs and for different occasions. To add the cream and sherry on top is that the brand has the face of a popular and well-loved celebrity. So there is absolutely no reason to disrespect her creations.

Such fashion don’ts include buying the Jessica Simpson wedges that are either too big that your feet are just sliding or swimming in them or a size too small that has your heel sticking out. These end up making the wedges look cheap and yet they might have cost you a fortune as well as be an embarrassment to yourself.

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