You can learn more about jessica simpson through her twitter account

You can learn more about jessica simpson through her twitter account

Jessica Simpson is a 33 year old singer and she likes to use her twitter handle. The Jessica Simpson Twitter is mostly used for her adorable family. She used it to show her second baby boy when he was six months old and seating in the swing and also wearing the cozy sweatpants that gives a serious pose to the camera. The star gave birth with her then fiancé Eric Johnson who married her afterwards. They already have a daughter Maxwell. During the baby shower of his son, he said that she was too excited to get a son since she did not have a brother so she is thrilled with unknown. She was looking forward to connect with a little man.

Jessica Simpson Twitter - 5
Jessica Simpson Twitter – 5

See the pictures of her family

Jessica Simpson had already shared the photo of his son at the three month old where she was shown embracing and hugging her second born together with his father. She said that getting the children of Johnson strengthened the relationship. During her pregnancy, Jessica also liked to tweet her picture during her pregnancy. She was posting her beautiful baby bump in the sweater that looked like the hot air balloon where she only gave the caption of metaphor. When asked how she got pregnant when her daughter was still young, she said that she does not know, it looked like they forgot about protection.

Telling off people that she is not losing the weight under pressure

Besides using her twitter account to show her family, she uses it also to set the record straight especially when there are rumors going around about her. When she gave birth, she signed with the Weight Watchers to be able to lose weight, however, it was said that she was under the pressure of losing weight which was said to be 50 pounds. She tweeted on her account trying to set the record straight that she is not under pressure and she is losing weight for her own and not for any publicity.

No breast reduction

Jessica also had to tweet that she is not going into the breast reduction surgery to lose weight when it was said that she is planning to reduce her breast for her wedding. She said that she likes her boobs and they are not going anywhere.

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