House shoes

House shoes

This brand is known for its trendy style, laid back simplicity and adding elegance to ordinary and every day women clothing. The slippers add an extra dimension to your style and they are a must have for anyone who wants to upgrade their wardrobe.

The beauty about the shoes is the fact that anyone regardless of size, height and shape can wear them and that they can be won at any place regardless of the weather and season.

Velvet Slippers

Nothing screams comfort and lazy afternoons more than slippers. These ones go a step further in adding more comfort by incorporating the aspect of velvet. They come in all kinds of colors and one can get them in any size or patterns. Because it can be worn in doors it is therefore useful in any season. Add this to your shoe collection and we can foresee it being one of the most used items in your wardrobe or closet.

Animal Print Slippers

For the adventurers’ lady, this comes in animal prints such as Leopard, tiger and cheetah prints. It is obviously comfortable with its rounded toe design and cushioned insole. Purchase this to clearly stand out and to showcase your creativity and uniqueness, perfect for in doors activity it can be worn in any season whether warm or cold, it comes in various shapes and colors, add this to your shoe collection and it will be one of your favorite items in your shoe collection.

Pretty Slippers

With a faux fur trim this ups up the ante in terms of design and comfort, you can wear this around the house with anything. Made for every woman of every background this was designed for those who love simplicity not only in their lives but in all things that they own. With the cushioned insole you are guaranteed to feel more comfortable. The collection comes in different colors such as brown, beige and black; you are guaranteed to find one you love. Add this to your collection of shoes and we foresee that it will be one of your most cherished shoes in your collection.

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