All about denim jeans

All about denim jeans

Denims are found in every man’s wardrobe. They are very comfortable to wear anywhere. Men have the option to choose from different styles, brands, colors, designs and cut jeans. It is essential to select the right jeans according to the body type.

Best denim fit according to the body type

 Athletic body: Straight cut is the best for this body type. However bootcut and flare cut are also suitable for athletic body type.

 Plus size: Loose fitting jeans are apt for this body type. Boot cut and flared jeans should be avoided as they will make the legs look wider. High rise jeans can be used to flatten the stomach.

 Slender: They can wear straight cut, flare and bootcut jeans. Baggy and skinny jeans should be avoided as these would not look good .Low rise jeans can also be recommended to slender people.

 Short: Bootcut, straight and flare jeans look good on short body type. Wide leg jeans should be avoided.

Different Styles of jeans

 Baggy, loose
 Boot cut
 Carpenter
 Classic, straight leg
 Relaxed
 Slim, Skinny
 Flare cut
 High rise
 Low rise
 Wide leg

How to select the best jeans

 Body type: understanding the body type is essential to buy the proper pair of jeans. If one is not sure about the body type he can try out different styles of jeans. The one which he find comfortable and fitting he can opt for that.

 Size: Wear the jeans of your size. Men have the habit of wearing one size looser than the actual size. This should be avoided and the actual size should be considered when buying jeans.

 Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans are for all body types. One should not hesitate to wear them. Select the appropriate jeans try them and then go for it. Skinny jeans are very much in fashion and one should have at least one pair in their wardrobe.

 Comfort: Check the jeans by keeping all the keys, valets in the pockets and walk around, sit on a chair etc. Check if you are comfortable in it and the fitting is proper.

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