Earlier women jeans are made with heavyweight denim fabric creating lot of uncomfortable and stress. These limitations are given way to a light weight, flexible and comfortable legging jeans. Jeans Legging are part legging and part jeans. Jeans Legging becomes the global fashion and primarily worn by teen girls and later expanded to all with variety of sizes and collections. Most of the chic women have lean and long legs but the regular jean is loose and baggy for them. To weed out the mismatch women prefers Jeans leggings.

Brand History

Jean leggings is abbreviated as Jeggings, are pants that are partly jeans and partly leggings. Jeggings are made out of denim material as well as legging material. Jeggings looks like skinny jean with added features like elastic top with adequate stretch and provides soothe of knit legging. The jean legging is sometimes called as pull on jean or knitted jeans

Advantages of Jeggings

Comfort is the factor that differs Jeggings from other type of jeans especially the skinny jean. This jeggings is made out of denim and spandex which allows the pant to stretch as per the physique movement and regain its original shape. Jeggings embraces the lower part of the body and provides more appealing sliming effect. Persons with thick body build can make use this jeggings and create a slim illusion.

Choosing the right tops and accessories

The influx of the jeggings has unlocked the combination of choices to be paired with them. Choosing the right tops for the jeggings will give an attractive and smarter manifestation. Tops like tunic, long vests top, cowl neck long tops and wrap top suits the jeggings more and provides elegant look. Wearing proper footwear like platforms and high heels gives an eminent look for jeggings. Jean Leggings along with Jackets is a classy combination and can be worn in an informal and formal way.

Colored Jeggings

Jean leggings are readily available with variation of patterns, fabric blends and colors. Color jeans leggings will go with any tops and it is vend by high end brands like American Eagle, Southpole, Levis, and Calvin Klein etc.

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