Get the casual look with jean jacket

Get the casual look with jean jacket

Jean jacket is the most favorite look in both the genders. It can be a great outfit option for winters and spring time. It can be sported as casual wear. It has never gone out of fashion, and looks great every time it sets a comeback. These jean jackets are usually made of denim cloth. This is a cotton warp-faced textile. These make the jean jacket which are timeless pieces of fashion and look great whenever they are donned. They are tough and very low in maintenance. These qualities have made them the most preferable amongst the many variations in the jackets.

Jean jacket Styles

The rugged jean jackets never go out of fashion. The denim jean jacket was born in 20th century, for the miners and cowboys, but was later taken up as a fashion trend and got extremely popularized among teenagers. They then were even more popularized when they were styled by the famous celebrities, rock stars and hip hop singers. Since then and till date the charm of jean jacket has not diminished. Some of the popular jean jackets available now, include:

– Levis trucker denim jacket

– Conny jacket in grey from Nudie Jeans Co.

– All Saints Morgan Denim Jacket

– APC washed denim jackets

These and many other options of jean jackets are available today. One can sport them at any casual meet with friends or during an outing.

How to style your jean jacket

People usually stumble down with the fashion trends by wearing a great piece of jacket wrongly. Pairing up your jean jacket with right kind of trousers and t shirts can enhance the overall look. Some of the options of wearing a jean jacket are:

– If you have a dark blue jean jacket you can sport it with a lighter shade of jeans or vice versa and a black t-shirt. Never wear similar color or wash jeans and jacket together, it looks rather lame.

– If you are opting for a lighter blue shade of jean jacket then you can pair it with a khakhee trousers and a white t-shirt.

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