trendy jean dresses ideas

trendy jean dresses ideas

Denim is the most popular clothing option in fashion since the late 1950’s. This popularity is because of its comfortable and durable nature. Also, jean dresses are really easy to wash and therefore prove to be low maintenance. Denim or Jean dresses have been in fashion for quite some time now and more and more women are looking to explore the elegance offered by them. The 1990’s were marked by an extensive use of denim dresses and skirts across the world. After a brief hiatus, denim dresses are back to entice the women with their distinct visual appeal. Shopping for jean dresses can become easy by adhering to these basic guidelines.

Choosing the right color

Although denim dresses are traditionally worn in blue color, there are multiple options to explore. Black, white and grey are other popular choices for denim dresses. Lighter shades such as white and grey, are perfect for sunny days and family occasions. Black and blue are evergreen shades which can be worn for evening purposes. Jean skirts are also an excellent choice for outdoor gatherings or a night out.

Choosing the right type

Aside from the dress color, the right size can go a long way in complementing your body type. For women with a slender body frame, short skirts or dresses works great. Similarly a mid size or long skirt is apt for women with larger body frame. The options should be extensively experimented and tried to make sure you find the perfect size and fit suitable for your body type.

Choosing the right shade

Jean dresses are available in many shades or washes. The wash of denim implies the process of washing the material during its manufacturing process. Different washes offer distinct visual appeal and look to the dress. For example stone wash gives a faded look with some areas of color to add contrast. Acid wash is generally used on dark shades of denim dresses and give sharp contrast effect. Whiskering is used to create lines on the jean dresses.

Proper Care

Denim dresses should be preferably washed in machines with cold water. Also, natural drying procedure by hanging the denim dresses is recommended.

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