Fun by design

Fun by design

This brand is all about fun, fun, fun. They are revolutionary as they believe that fashion is all about living in the moment and enjoying your life while not worrying about how you look because with their simple, eclectic designs you are guaranteed to look stunning. Enjoy their varied collection of flawlessly designed dresses, skirts and tops.

Tops/ Vests

Rufio tops and Dorby vests are among the tops and vests on offer, they come in all colors from basic black to white, they can be paired up with skirts, jeans and shorts. Perfect for any body type and shape, height and weight they will make the woman who wears it feel effortlessly fashionable. Because of its simplicity one can wear it and have no worry about how they look because they will be free to live and enjoy their lives while still looking gorgeous. These can be worn during the cool and warm seasons.


Perfect for all occasions, whether a corporate or for social function, you will be able to pair it with any jacket, coat or top. It comes in all kinds of colors and all kinds of materials from cotton to leather. Any woman of any height or style will adore the designs of these skirts and will appreciate the level of comfort they offer as they will not be focused on the skirts themselves but on what they are doing as they are assured that they look stylish at all times.

Orsino Dress

This simple flowing dress is perfect for every woman who wants a simple outfit to make her look good but still be elegant and sophisticated. This can be worn in any situation and occasion, can be paired with any jacket or shoes and one is guaranteed to look absolutely stunning.

Stand out with its range of colors from bright pink to navy blue. It is perfect for all women regardless of the background, height and style preference, its perfect for the woman who wants to have fun and not worry about how they look. We guarantee that this will be one of your favorite items in your collection.

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