The history behind inika cosmetics

The history behind inika cosmetics

Inika Cosmetics was founded by its CEO Miranda Bond and she was once struggling from endometriosis with the associated infertility in many years. She read a book about the holistic wellness and she chose to change the diet and she got rid of the products that had harmful chemicals and after sometime she was able to conceive. She was amazed and at the same time inspired and she started INIKA when she saw that there is no genuine natural makeup around.

The benefits of using Inika Cosmetics

Now the brand is offering high performance makeup which hydrates, promotes and feeds a healthy skin and this takes place without the use of toxic and harsh ingredients. It has also the products that can be used by certified organic and vegan people. The products are cruelty and halal free. There are many celebrities who use these make ups like Kim Wyatt, Sophie Dahl, Emily Deschanel and Stella McCarteney.

Inika Cosmetics are completely natural

Inika cosmetics had introduced the new revolutionized mineral cosmetic and the exclusive range of the glamorous and stylish professional makeup products which are completely natural but they still deliver the vibrant depth and at the same time rich color with the remarkable versatility and performance. The Inika makeup is made with the crushed minerals pigment which is pure and they are free from any harsh chemicals, fragrance, talc, parabens and bismuth oxychloride.

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Inika Cosmetics collection has everything you need for your makeup

The Inika collection is found in the signature products and it is in the box. The products in the collection help to achieve a flawless and healthy looking complexion and there is no need to use harsh chemicals, parabens or talc. The products come in a kit that has everything that you will ever need to get the perfect skin. Inika foundation is a multi-tasking and it is based on the minerals up to 100 percent. It is a foundation, powder and a concealer at the same time. The product is used to achieve a flawless finish and it does not lead to clogging of the pores. The premium grade minerals make sure that the foundation can be used to all the types of the skin and even these that have pigmentations, rosacea, scarring and acne. The Inika mineral foundation does boost the natural sun protection and it protects against the ultra violet rays.

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