Enjoy the best in beauty with iman cosmetics

Enjoy the best in beauty with iman cosmetics

Launched in 1994, Iman Cosmetics is the first global company that started producing skin-care and beauty products for all women with skin of color. Their products are sold throughout the world, and are especially recommended for Asian, Latina, African American, and multi-cultural women that have a skin tone of varied shades. In 2004, Iman Cosmetics had a strategic alliance with Proctor & Gamble, breaking another convention and making the products available at every major retail store, including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Target.

From the wide-range of products they offer, let us have a look at some of the latest offerings.

Eyeshadow Pencil

Enhanced with Vitamin E and Jojoba, Eyeshadow Pencil from Iman Cosmetics is a perfect combination of a pencil and eyeshadow. Available in various attractive shades, they are sure to deliver a smooth and silky application that is sure to stay in place for log duration.

BB Crème SPF 15

BB Crème SPF 15 is an innovative combination to protect your skin, while also ensuring that your sport an even-toned skin. They are available in various shades like, Clay Medium, Clay Medium Deep, Sand Light, Sand Medium, Earth Deep, and Earth Medium with benefits of SPF 15.

Luxury Lip Shimmer

The lip shimmer from Iman are available in gloss and cream formulas that allows you to boast that perfect lips, while also keeping then completely hydrated. You can wear them alone or over the lipstick. Various shades like Blushing Nude, Coppertone, Tropical, Brownie, Flamboyant, and many others are available to suite your taste.

Luminous Foundation

Luminous foundation from Iman Cosmetics offer complete coverage of two foundations in a single layer. Their innovating wet/dry formula is perfect for sporting an even tone, which is achieved by deflecting lights from the skin imperfections. The skimmer from the foundation makes your skin look radiant and offers a flawless finish. Clay 1, Clay 2, Clay 3, Earth 1, Earth 2, and Earth 3 are some of their offerings.

Make-up Kits

Iman Cosmetics also offers a wide-range of make-up kits which eliminate the need to carry multiple make-up essentials. Eye Con Collection, Brush Collection, Iman Sweet Temptation, Lip Affair and Déjà vu are some the products in the make-up kits range.

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