Putting an eyeshadow is not that tough

Putting an eyeshadow is not that tough


Eyeshadows are pigments used on the eyelids to define and give depth to the eyes. The overall look of the face is enhanced by using correct eyeshadows and by applying them properly. People usually have a tough time when asked to apply eyeshadows, and mostly avoid doing it due to its complexity. But nowadays, the different shades, color palettes, textures and finish gives you great opportunity to try yourself and get that perfect eyeshadow for yourself. It is not easy but not very tough too. Practice can make you master the art of applying eyeshadows.

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How to apply eyeshadows

One can choose from either talc or creamy textured eyeshadows depending upon their working comfortability. Following these steps can help you in applying eyeshadows.

Start up with priming your eyes: Use an eye primer and apply it on your lids. This will ensure that your eyeshadows stay for longer time.

Start with lighter base shade: You can choose the color depending on the look you want to achieve. Start with a lighter shade of the color and gently use it on the entire eyelids.

Intensify: Take a darker shade of the same color or from the same wheel of color. Start packing the pigment on the lids and outer corner of the eye lids and the crease. Use an eyeshadow applying brush like MAC 242 to blend all the shades to give a look without harsh lines.

Add glitter: One can add a bit of glitter eyeshadow on the lids to give extra spunk to the eyes. One can skip the step if you want a more subtle look.

Tips for applying eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow can be a daunting task at times. If not done properly can ruin the entire look. Following tips can help in avoiding mistakes while applying eyeshadows.

– Use the correct finish and textured eyeshadows as per your preferences and the kind of look you want.

– Blending is the key. Always blend, blend, and blend to give a uniform look.

– Choose colors different from your eye color.

– Start with lighter base and move up to more intense colors

– Use concealer on the brow bow to give a more brightened look

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