Tips on how to clean a foundation brush

Tips on how to clean a foundation brush

What is a Foundation?

Foundation is a cream, made out of either natural or chemical material, used primarily for the purpose of enhancing one’s complexion and to cover up the blemishes on face. The mixture can be prepared by any person at home or can be bought through any druggist.

While the cream or paste can be applied directly, by spreading it onto hands, users are suggested to use a brush for spreading foundation evenly onto their face. Additional top is that the foundation brush should be cleaned after every application for best result by following the steps mentioned in the article as follows.

How to clean foundation brush?

First, take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. This is to ensure that no residue stays on the brush after cleaning. Add some drops of shampoo to the water and slowly mix the water and shampoo using the tip of brush.

Secondly, make a lather on the brush tip by swirling the brush tip on the palm of either hand. The lather will ensure proper cleaning of the brush. Keep rubbing it gently until you feel that the brush is clean.

At last, remove the lather off the brush tip by putting it under cool water. If the cream still sticks to the brush, follow the steps again until the dripping water becomes clean and clear. Let the brush dry off in room temperature and once dry, it will be ready for next use.

A tip to readers is that do not squeeze the brush or put it under any kind of pressure as it will damage the tip of brush, causing uneven spreading of foundation.

Tips for applying foundation

• Try to use an exfoliator or scrub to remove blackheads any ant other substance that will hinder the beauty of face after application of paste.

• Do not use foundation in excess quantities, as it will reduce the overall appeal of the face due to excessive change in complexion. Place pea sized amounts and then spread it outwards to get the perfect application.

• In addition to your face, apply foundation on your neck too.

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