Health vs. beauty

Health vs. beauty

There are two types of people in this world, ones who are conscious about their health and the ones who are conscious about their beauty and the way they look. Even though both are important for a human’s well-being but people these days prefer one over the other. We live in a world where people are judged based on their looks and their appearance. The way they present themselves, their style and their beauty is all that matters. Whereas, there are people in this world who prefer being more conscious about their health than their beauty. The society we live in is more beauty conscious than health conscious.

Beauticians and Nutritionists:

Some of the preferences of this society can be expressed due to the fact that you can see a beautician expert and beauty parlors regardless of gender these days on every street whereas you hardly get a chance to see any Nutritionist these days and if you do, they are not qualified enough to make it big.

Beauty and Health in Education:

This can also be judged by the fact that most of the educational institutions these days offer numerous programs and sometimes a major in beautician and makeups and styling etc. But there are hardly any programs being offered in Nutrition and Health related that clearly shows the idea of the biasness of today’s society. The younger generation possibly the teenagers and young adults especially males have shown keen interest in health and Nutrition in the past few years ever since the symbol of staying fit and the concept of staying shredded was created among the common mass. So far, no considerable amount of rise has been noticed.

Beauty and Health going parallel:

It has been long asked that can beauty and health conscious go equally together and this topic still remains debatable and hot among many critiques and has been a debatable topic for years now. Some say that it is not only difficult to cope up with both of them but it is nearly impossible for an average human being to be both. Rather some argue about the fact that both the beauty and health can be maintained through proper health and proper determination and knowledge.

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