A booming trend for jeans lovers – grey skinny jeans

A booming trend for jeans lovers – grey skinny jeans

Grey coloured skinny jeans are picking up great sales in the recent time as the demand for them has increased significantly. The rise in demand for grey coloured skinny jeans is credit to wide range of designers promoting it with their range of shirts and other accessories. The colour grey is a great neutraliser when It comes to clothing and can be worn along with almost every colour shirts, t-shirts, blazers etc.

Grey Skinny Jeans for Boys

Leaving the traditional denim colours, the boys going to high school and colleges have taken a special liking for the grey skinny jeans and are using it extensively to set a good style statement in high schools and colleges. The jeans are most commonly worn with a white round neck t-shirt and sneakers to give a stylish look. Some boys prefer it with a matching grey denim jacket over the white t-shirt.

Grey Skinny Jeans as Casual Wear for Men

Thinking about what to wear on a week-off or a family outing simply pull over a grey coloured skinny jean and wear anything you feel like along with it. From polo neck t-shirts to casual shirts all give a mesmerising effect to your overall look. The men who work in the corporate get bored of wearing the same formal outfits time and again. Having Grey Skinny jeans in their wardrobe relieves them off worries about wearing on week end outing with their loved ones.

Women wearing Grey Skinny Jeans

Grey is no longer just the colour for men. A lot of women have started embracing the colour and carrying it off in their grey skinny jeans with élan. The rise in the number of women wearing these jeans is considerable and with the appreciation over the attempts the sales figures are sure to grow in the future. These jeans can be worn along with mid-sized heels of any colours. Black pumps can be worn along while wearing these jeans to office on casual days.
It is indeed worth having grey coloured skinny jeans in the wardrobe.

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