Natural jeans

Natural jeans

Green color occupies wide space in the gamut and visible easily by human eye. Green color is the invasive color in the world. Green color balances the warm and cool. Green endorses a love of nature, love of domestic happiness. It is the color of nature lover.

Colorful jeans are the ideal remedy to the dullness of the winter. Receive the spring with vivid green color jean. Add style to your look by trying something different from usual blue and black jeans. The natural color, the green can be more attractive and pleasant color.

Variations in green jeans

Green jean comes in varieties of shades like jade, mint, emerald, lime, sage, hunter, olive etc. The green shades may be either cool or warm.
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Mint green – This color is pleasant color that mixes adequately with other neutral.

Olive green – it gives armed appeal that goes well with casual attire and earth shades.

Lime green – comes with a neon rim and goes well with citrusy colors like yellow, oranges, coral red etc.

Emerald green – is a noticeable color that pairs absolutely with black and other light colors.

Hunter green – apt for winter and autumn and goes well with boots and sweater.

Sage green – is a modest tone that works well as a unbiased with dusty pinks, creams and browns.

Washing Care for Green Jeans

Most of the people do not know colored jeans should be washed in a particular way to avert color fading. Turn the colored jean upside down while washing in the machine and avoid dryer. This will retain the color of the fabric.

Green jean Styles

Plain Front – available with a top button and a plain zip front contains no pleats. It goes well for casual wear.

Pleated Front – front part of the jean is having single or double pleats and it is apt for broad waistlines.

Classic Cut – comes with straight leg cut and plane front. Available in various earth tones and appropriate for work or casual wear.

Cargo Style – featured with several pockets on the leg, back and sides. It always goes well as casual wear.

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