Get full coverage with a good foundation

Get full coverage with a good foundation

Foundation for face

Foundation is a base cosmetic for your face. The application results into uniform and flawless coverage to the face. One can cover all the flaws like spots and marks with the application of foundation before applying your make-up. There are many known brands which provide solutions for this. One can choose foundation on the basis of the coverage they need, from medium to full. The foundation usually contains SPF 25 or more which gives additional benefit of sun protection. The foundation if correctly chosen can give you a natural looking flawless skin. It can also act as a good base for your make-up like a smooth canvas.

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Different types of foundation

There are many foundation types available and you can choose from them as per your preferences. Foundation comes in following types

– Liquid foundation: This foundation comes in liquid form and come in oil-based, waterproof, oil-free forms. They give a medium to full coverage.

– Oil-based foundation: This type of foundation is good for people with dry skin as this gives a dewy look to the face.

– Sheer foundation: This foundation is great for people who are seeking little coverage for the face with some problem areas. This foundation gives a light coverage which gives a very natural look to the person wearing it.

– Matte foundation: This foundation is for people who have oily skin as they do not contain oil and are water based.

– Stick foundation: This foundation are packaged in a stick form. They help in preventing spillage and are good for travelling. They are available in different shades and good for people with normal to oily skin.

– Mineral foundation: Mineral foundation can be a great option for people who like natural and organic make-up variants. It can be great for people who are sensitive to chemicals used in other foundation. It comes with a fluffy kabuki brush.

Known products

Various known brands make great formulations for foundations like L’Oréal true match range, Maybelline color match, Revlon color stay, Chanel, Neutrogena etc. Best way to check for foundation is to try and test it on the back of your hand or on the chin area. Getting a best match can give you the best results.

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