Fcuk watches

Fcuk watches

Stephen Marks is the CEO of the company French Connection and is the man behind who is credited with the founding of the company. It was in the early 1970’s that he decided to start a label and as a result went on to start the company French Connection which now has a wide range of products that are produced by the company. Even after so many years the label has still managed to deliver according to the expectations of the people which believe you me are quite high. One more thing , don’t get confused by the name of the brand as it has a name that mentions France but it is a company that is based in London.


A person becomes something in life and achieves something big only if he respects the most important thing-time. As we all know that time is something that cannot be bought and everyone is allotted a fixed time by God and you have to make full use of it. In order to do so you need to have the most important tool to keep track of time, yes you guessed it right- a watch. Watches are something that is available in the market at varying prices and you can get a very cheap one and also there are some that you even can’t think of buying. Whatever be the case a good watch has classy feel to it.


French Connection Watches:

The label has been producing a large range of high end watches for a long time now. Even in this sector the company has kept up to its reputation. The watches come in a varied range and start from around 5k INR. Thus the watches provide a good option to person who wants a watch that has a great brand name on its dial but is not that costly. The watches that are sold are generally in the luxury category and recently the range of sports watches by the brand also increased. So if you want a watch that you can rely on but don’t want to spend a lot of money then don’t forget to check these out before you finalize something…

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