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Dress collection by french connection:

Stephen Marks is the CEO of the company French Connection and is the man behind who is credited with the founding of the company. It was in the early 1970’s that he decided to start a label and as a result went on to start the company French Connection which now has a wide range of products that are produced by the company. Even after so many years the label has still managed to deliver according to the expectations of the people which believe you me are quite high. One more thing , don’t get confused by the name of the brand as it has a name that mentions France but it is a company that is based in London.

All about Dresses:

Let us start with simply explaining as to what a dress is, I know its not required but let’s make a little increment in your knowledge about fashion. According to the books it is a garment that has a skirt which is attached to bodice so that it makes is look like a one piece. These became really popular in the late 1800’s and is still one of the must have in a woman’s wardrobe throughout the globe. Dresses though a lot popular but still do not find a place in the common lifestyle and usual usage. They are worn everyday in modified form but mostly they are preferred on nights like wedding night or proms.

French Connection Dress - 2
French Connection Dress

French Connection Dresses:

The company then ventured into the area of dresses and based on its popularity as a brand and the fact that it was reliable brand it was very successful. Now the company produces dresses for both men and women. The dresses come in huge variety and different types and various collections based on the time in which they are to be worn. The price range of the dresses is such that you can go and buy these without extra burden on your pocket. So what are you waiting for? Go to any nearest store or order them online and enjoy the new style at affordable rates…

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