Apply foundation like a pro

Apply foundation like a pro

So, you bought your foundation from your favorite brand, but you guess of applying it like those models on magazine covers looking the best. You bet you want to learn those tricks.

So, how do these fashion stylists apply the foundation as a pro?

Finding the perfect color: The first thing that you might want to keep in mind before buying that perfect foundation is choosing its color. The best foundation is that one which disappears on applying. If you don’t know what color to find, go to your nearest beauty salon and ask them which foundation color will suit you the best.

Find your skin type: What is your skin type? Is it dry, oily, normal or a combination? Look for it and find your perfect foundation matching your skin type. For perfect results, make sure that the skin is moisturized and clean. Apply moisturizer before applying the foundation and add a primer on your skin to minimize pores and clogs.

Applying the foundation the right way: Use of sponge is common for applying the foundation on a larger area but for those tricky places, use your fingers. It helps in blending the cream upto a right amount on your skin. Don’t apply too much and also dab the sponge on pimples and red patches to camouflage them.

Concealing is must: After applying foundation on your face, apply the concealer after it. It helps to conceal those creases on the face. Use a lightweight liquid that is one shade lighter than your skin, not too light as it might look fake. Use a darker shade under the eyes and in case the flaws aren’t covered, use a bit of concealer.

Add some oil for finishing touch: If you want to decrease the heaviness of the makeup, add a little amount of almond oil or any other oil on the foundation. This will help to change the texture of the foundation and also give that luminous look on it. So, except for cashing in on those expensive laminating creams, add some oil on your foundation.

So, these points might help you all to give that sassy, pro look to your face and make every eye pop on you.

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