How to choose a perfect foundation palette

How to choose a perfect foundation palette

When it comes to choosing a foundation palette, I’ve seen many a women getting confused and making wrong choices. Some of them are confused with the shade that will perfectly match their skin, and some are even unaware about where and how much to apply it on the face. And, then there are also many others who are very satisfied with their purchase, but look awkward when they finally apply the foundation.
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No, choosing a foundation palette is not that difficult if you know some professional tricks. As you very well know choosing a correct foundation can instantly brighten up your face, aid in hiding blemishes and can easily make all the under-eye darkness disappear in minutes. With the foundation doing so many jobs together, it actually is a very important part of any makeup regime and choosing the correct one will help you achieve this perfection.

Let us have a look at some of the tips that can help you in choosing the perfect foundation palette:

Understanding your skin tone

You need to first understand your skin tone before choosing a foundation palette for yourself. Your skin can be oily, normal, sensitive, dry or a combination of these. It is also very important to know the purpose for which you are buying the palette. Some specialize in hiding blemishes, large pores, dark circles, fine lines and some are simply to blend in your skin tone.

Choosing the perfect palette

If you have an oily skin you should avoid purchasing a foundation that contains oil, as it will further worsen your condition. Oil-free palettes in liquid are perfect for oily skin as they will not let the pores to get clogged and will also help in hiding the imperfections. If you have fine lines, then you can chose a palette with anti-agers that are especially designed to hide the fine lines. If you are having a dry skin, then go for a foundation palette that offers optimal hydration. If a women has normal skin, they are free to choose from the wide-rage of palettes available in the market, as their skin doesn’t need any professional care. For the women who have sensitive skin, mineral filled foundation palettes are perfect for you.

With so many foundation palettes available in the market, it is very important to know what your skin type and what you want from your palette. Once you are sure about that, you will never make a mistake in finding the perfect foundation palette for yourself.

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