Options for winter skin in foundation

Options for winter skin in foundation


Foundation are the basic product used while applying make-up. Foundation comes in as a first step when starting your make-up. It comes in various forms like liquid (which is the most popular form), powder, mineral and cake or pack form. Application of foundation is like setting up a clear canvas for colouring. One can enhance the look of the make-up along with longer stay when foundation is applied. A flawless finish can be expected as foundation covers up all the blemishes, spots and scars. One can opt from wide variety of foundations available today, ranging from light to medium coverage to full coverage. This easily blends and absorbs into the skin and gives a natural skin look. It is always recommended to use foundation to enhance the make –up.

Foundation For Dry Skin - 1

Foundation for dry skin

Foundation is the basic step of make-up routine and can sometimes get into a fix in winters when people have dry skin, or for people who naturally have dry skin. Most of the foundations come in a texture which does not suit the dry skin types. The face looks scaly, flaky and cakey. The purpose of foundation is completely ruined with application on dry skin. It is suggested that individuals with dry skin should choose from the range of foundations which also provide moisturization to the skin. One can also choose sheer foundations along with application of suitable moisturizer before applying the foundation. Use more of liquid or creamy foundations which contains oil. There are numerous range of foundations available by known brands who offer multiple qualities to enhance and improve your skin.

Types of foundations for dry skin

Many known brands offer foundations for dry skin, the best of them include:

Mac Studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation: This foundation is best for dry skin as it contains gel which imparts a creamy texture and helps in hydrating your skin. It covers all your flaws and gives a beautiful flawless look. It also provides marginal sun protection with SPF 15.

Clinique super balanced foundation: This foundation is a liquid form and gives great coverage. This is suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin.

Make up forever HD foundation: The foundation is designed for use for both skin types, dry and oily. The HD finish gives you a beautiful flawless appearance.

One should select foundation on the basis of their skin types. Color match can be done on the outer sides of the hand or on the chin.

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