Foundation brush – which one would you choose?

Foundation brush – which one would you choose?

Foundation brush enables smooth and even application of foundation on the face. Different foundation brushes are available for liquid, cream and powder foundation.

Types of foundation brushes:

• Flat foundation brush: Flat foundation brushes are easily available in the market. Their bristles are made from synthetic fiber. They are normally flat with a round head. They are ideal for applying liquid foundation.

Normally these kinds of brushes give full coverage but one should use very light hand when applying.
Duo Fiber brush: They are round in shape. It is made from both synthetic and natural fiber. Both the fibers hold each other enabling convenient and easy application of foundation.

Buffer Brush: These brushes are dense, small and round in shape. They are not commonly available. It is perfect for applying cream foundation.

Flat top brush: They can be used for liquid as well as cream foundation. They can also be used for powder foundation. They are very flexible and give the right look for the perfect outing.

Which brush works best with which foundation?

• A brush which is flat at the top can be used for liquid or cream foundation. It gives a perfect effect of buffing foundation. The foundation gets easily blended with the skin giving it a natural look.

• A brush which is fluffy can be used for dusting loose or compact powder. They can also be used to apply liquid foundation.

• A brush which has a pointed tip is perfect to reach at the corners of the nose, eyes or mouth.

• A short heighted brush with an angle bristles are used to apply make up easily and comfortably. They are ideal for loose or pressed powder as they enable to powder to nicely sink with the skin.

• A tiny flat brush can be used to apply concealer. They are perfect for applying on blemishes or scars. They can easily spread under the eye, around the nose and mouth area.

• A sponge is a great option to apply liquid or cream foundation. They can easily give coverage to the corners of the eyes, nose and other parts of the face.

How to select the best foundation brush

1. It should have synthetic fiber bristles
2. They should provide full or at least medium coverage
3. They are universal i.e. they can be used to apply all types of foundation.
4. They should be able to reach corners on the face.

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