Flat top kabuki brush – simple and efficient

Flat top kabuki brush – simple and efficient

A kabuki brush is also known as mushroom brush. It is a makeup brush with a short stem and dense bristles. Most often they have a rounded head but it can be flat as well. A flat top kabuki brush is a one with a flat head.

It is one of the great makeup brushes. Many people thank that they are made for only powder, but it is not the case, it can be used for liquids as well and it works extremely perfect with it. Kabuki brush is used by many people for different purposes. Most of these brushes are soft. Most of the cosmetic companies shave the animals to get fibers for kabuki brushes. I will tell you a few kabuki brush tips.

Finishing powder:

Kabuki brush is ready to give you a bit more, a bit extra. You can use it to apply the finishing powder and it will give the best result. It is perfect in the case when you are wearing both foundation and powder.

Blend your powder:

You can use this brush to create a smooth, soft and flawless look. Use this brush directly on the face instead of placing products on the brush. Rub the brush on the face so that the powder is completely buffed. It creates a perfect skin that makes you feel beautiful.

To create soft look:

In order to achieve the softest look, this brush is the best option. For this purpose, take the brush and dip it into powder and swirl onto your face. In the end you will achieve a perfect and flawless skin.

Fine powder:

This brush is suitable for holding fine powders, like mineral powder as it has a strong density.

Clean brush:

Cleanliness is important in everyday life. You must clean your brush regularly so that germs and bacteria stay away and your brush enjoys a long life. You can use a makeup remover or you can use water and soap to clean the brush.


Quality means performance and durability. While choosing a kabuki brush make sure that you buy a brush of highest quality.

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