best winter beauty tips and tricks ewoiwew
best winter beauty tips and tricks ewoiwew

Tips to remember while applying eye shadow

Eye shadow application can be a lengthy process. You first have to select a color palette, and then choose the right shades from your palette to complement your skin tone and eye color. However, if you go about it step by step, it can become effortless and quick process. This article tells you about few tips and tricks for using eye shadows in your makeup.

The right way to apply Eye Shadow

You first have to get the basics right when it comes to the achieving the final desired result. Your eye shadow makeup routine should involve primer, base and a highlighter for the crease. Also, time of the day matters as different light requires different eye shadows.

Selecting the perfect Palette

Eye palette selection has to be based on your eye color and you want just the right combination to provide contrast to your eyes.

How to use Shimmer Eye Shadows

Using Shimmer can be a bit tricky especially if you have lines or wrinkles because it exaggerates and highlights them on the face. Also, it has to be used in small proportions so that the eyes don’t look over-intensive.

Eyeshadow Tips - 2
Eyeshadow Tips

You can use Eye Shadow as Eye Liner.

Instead of using the traditional pencil liners, dark colors from your eye shadow palette can be used as Eyeliner. The dark eye shadow color should be used to make a boundary around the eye lashes with the help of a small rounded brush or an angled brush. The brush should first be dipped in water to make the color act as Eyeliner.

Primers are excellent for long-lasting Eye Shadows

The best way to give your eye shadow makeup the chance to last long is by using Eye shadow Primers. Primers are excellent for providing smoothness to your eye makeup. They also keep the eye shadow from flowing outside.

If you apply primer on the start of your day, the eye shadow can remain intact for the whole day long. Even intense activities such as gym exercises can be done without the fear of smudges by using a high quality primer.

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