Enhance your beauty with eye shadow primer

Enhance your beauty with eye shadow primer

An eye shadow primer is used for variety of purposes in the eye makeup process. One of their most vital roles is to provide long-lasting effect to eye-shadow. Primers are available in many different shades depending upon the tone of skin. The perfect blend of primer and skin tone

Need for a Primer

Eye shadow Primer is not only used for providing smoothness and continuous feel to the eye shadow. It serves other purposes as well. For example it helps the eye shadow to remain intact in the eye lids and prevents it from flowing outside. Primer is also known to stop creasing

Here are five more reasons to consider using an eye shadow primer.

1. Eyelid base

Eye shadow primer is helpful to prepare a base for the eye shadow. It makes the eye shadow last longer and also help it blend seamlessly, offering a flat platform for eye shadow and to help remain intact.

2. Skin Tone Balance

Eye shadow primer helps in balancing out skin tone and blemishes. It’s vital for women with overshadowed or blemished eyelids. Eye shadow primer can also cover any other marks around your eye lids.

3. To enhance color

Eye shadow primer can make the color stand out and look livelier. Some shadows, especially powder formulas, appear lighter than they look in the palette. This is often a problem on deep skin tones. Primer can help you achieve more color.

4. Eye shadow Protection

Primer also protects your eye makeup from sweat. Sweat can make the eye shadow smudge or lighten. But the primer keeps the sweat and oil away from your makeup. Oily skin types also benefit greatly from applying primer as it can keep the oil away from eye makeup.

It’s a common misconception that Eye shadow primer and Eye shadow base are used for similar purposes. That is not the case as Primer is used for making the Eye shadow last longer and Base is used for make the color stand out and keep the eye shadow in place.

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