Perfect eye shadow combinations for blue eyes

Perfect eye shadow combinations for blue eyes

We are all fond of the beauty of blue eyes and the elegance they display. Today, the makeup industry has evolved exponentially and a plethora of color options are available in the market. These include some of the basic ones and also unconventional colors which provide fashionable contrasting looks if applied in the right combination. Listed below are some of the combinations which offer grace to your ocean blue eyes.

Choices Available

Ladies with blue eyes have the option of wearing large variety of eye shadows to enhance their beauty. We provide you combinations of color which will suit your blue eyes better than the rest. Some of the shades mentioned below offer your eyes more depth. The color of your skin tone and hair also play an important role while deciding on the eye shadow.

Brown Eye Shadow

Brown shades such as camel color can work wonders for your blue eyes. They provide a natural look to your eyes. Beige and related brown colors can also give undeniable smoothness to your eye makeup, therefore many brown color related shadow shades are good options for your baby blues.

Brown shades are especially suitable for women with natural red hair as it provides a contrast to the dark tone of your hair. Red hair is very dynamic and they require natural looking eyes to complement them. Nevertheless, if you would like to employ more colorful eye shadows to your eye makeup you can use green shades or just experiment with other colors in small quantity.

Evening Eye Shadow

Evening time demands contrast in your eye makeup. For blue eyes, the perfect color to add contrast would naturally be black. Black eye shadows provide you a smoldering look. You can also use black shadows on the top lid to accentuate the contrasting look. There’s no perfect combination for using eye shadows but we have provided the conventional blends of color that work effortlessly with your gorgeous blue eyes. Feel free to play around with colors and combinations as fashion is all about experimenting.

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