Choose right eye shadow brushes to get perfect eye makeup

Choose right eye shadow brushes to get perfect eye makeup

For perfect eye makeup, it is very important to have different eye shadow brushes so that every layer of makeup is applied evenly. There are various eye shadow brushes available in the market with varied width, length and volume of bristles for different purposes. While purchasing, you should also check the quality of bristles so that it holds eye shadows well and offers application with great precision. Let’s have a look at the different types of eye shadow brushes.

1. Application brush:

This brush is use for applying cream or powder based eye shadows on lids. It is usually thick with either round or flat tip, thus holds enough eye shadow and can be applied easily just by pressing and patting it on lids followed by light strokes. If you want to go for dual color eye shadow, then other color should also be applied with this brush. Such brushes are also available in the form of sponge tip.

2. Blending brush:

This brush is used, if you are going for more than one color. It consists of feathery light bristles and holds very less color. Thus, it helps to remove excess eye shadow and blends all colors very well, when moved in circular motion. Because of its low holding feature, it is also use for applying highlighters which need to be applied very lightly.

3. Smudging brush:

It is thick with compact pointed bristles. It is use to apply eye shadows in the corners of the eyes like side lines of eyes, below and above eye lashes, corners of eyes, etc, where big brush cannot easily reach. It is also use to smudge eye liner to give smoky look to the eye.

4. Crease brush:

It too has compact light weight bristles with pointed tip. Its structure is such that it reaches well in the crease of eyes. It helps to give best look by highlighting your eye’s crease.

Along with all these important eye shadow applicators, you should also have other brushes like eye liner brush, eye lash brush, eye brow brush. All are available in different density and shape.

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