Breifing on the eye shadow brush

Breifing on the eye shadow brush

An eye shadow brush is a makeup utility used to give the illusion of having a shadow like shade on the upper eyelid. It is used to give a bit detailing during the makeup process and it sure gives a beautiful definition.

Some of the most discussed propositions are elucidated as shown:

Choosing an eye shadow brush: It is very confusing to guess what type of brush to get as you don’t know how many you need, what kind you need or if it will b suitable for you. This is really a great issue. However, it doesn’t matter from where you buy the eye shadow brushes. It only matters if you like them. As long as you like the feel of the brush and it is working for you, the rest doesn’t matter. Choosing the brush material also counts in as to determine how better the quality is. If it’s too dense then it will put a lot of shadow and if very less dense it will make it too light.

Using a Shadow Brush: Applying an eye shadow is pretty easy unless you know the tricks. The stuff that matters is the texture, shape of your eye and the tools that you’re using. Realistically, the most important eye shadow brush is the blending brush. It helps to provide soft edges and make the product to be applied smoothly and the texture doesn’t seem too harsh. Flat eye shadow brush can be used to apply primer on the lid. One should apply the eye shadow in its dry state for more adhesive quality. Use a sweeping motion while applying the shadow onto the eyelid. Use a shorter, pointed shadow brush to add a darker pigmented shadow from the side of the eye and into the crease. Now, use the larger brush to blend the two shades together.



Cleaning The Shadow Brush: In order to clean the shadow brush, use a tissue and keep it on a flat surface. Spray some alcohol and water onto the tissue and rub the brush back and forth on it. Keep the brushes flat making sure not to bend the bristles as it may damage the bristles? Repeat doing the process until all the pigment stays on the tissue. Also, be sure to keep the brushes in a safe place to ensure that they stay well maintained for a longer time.

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