How to apply eye shadow

How to apply eye shadow

Forget about the days of being a makeup guru to be in a position to apply makeup properly. Today, you can actually apply makeup properly with a little help. All it takes are a few tips and you are on course to changing the way you apply makeup forever. In the past, applying makeup used to be a serious hustle. Most females needed to go to special beauticians before they could learn to apply makeup on their own. Even with such help, some females still struggle to enhance their facial appearance through makeup. They spend several hours playing with their faces but still end up with an appearance that leaves much to be desired. This is an unfortunate truth about most females today. But, you can easily change your makeup story if you take advantage of the following tips.

How to start

The most important thing is to choose your eye shadow wisely. You may experience a few challenges if it is your first time choosing eye shadow. But, you should not worry yourself too much. There are many choices that can enable you to still come up with a proper eye shadow which is good enough to enhance your beauty. In particular, you have to choose the right texture, brand as well as hue. Your major options of eye shadow are loose powder, cream and compact powder. Loose powder is usually to control because of its low workability. On the other hand, cream eye shadow is easy to apply but it often creases much quicker than loose powder. Most beauty experts prefer compact powder because of its texture.

Choice of colors

When you are applying eye shadow, you should remember that it exists in a variety of colors. As a matter of fact, eye shadow exists in any kind of color imaginable. But you need to choose three colors. Your choice of color should have light, medium and dark in it.

Choice of brushes

Choosing the right brush is very important when applying eye shadow. Whatever you do, do not look for sponge brushes. You should look for stiff brushes. These are the ones which work very well.

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