Eye makeup-the new trend

Eye makeup-the new trend

Whether subtle or bold, every girl loves eye makeup. We rarely come across any girl who does not apply eye makeup. However, applying the makeup on the eyes does not mean that it will be in a complete package of the eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc. Simply applying kohl on the eyes is also included in it. We all fancy the makeup on the eyes, but end up knowing nothing about it. There are a number of tools that are used in the makeup for the eyes. You can use them to do your eye makeup like a pro. These will be mentioned further in the article.

Types of eye makeup and techniques


Concealer is used under the eyes to cover the dark circles. It is the first step that must be undertaken while doing the eye makeup. Once you are done with the base of the face, start with the subsequent steps.

Eye Shadow:

Eye shadow comes in both the powder and the liquid forms. You can choose one according to the weather and your skin type. It comes in innumerable shades, which you can apply as per your wish. It depends on the personality of a girl whether she wants to go for a singular subtle color, or go bold with the bright and vibrant ones. You can also try out Ombre effect with two or more colors. The Ombre effect is very much in these days.

Eyeliner/ kohl:

You can apply either eyeliner or kohl to line the upper portion of your eyes. Eyeliner can be applied in any shape but requires more precision and practice. On the other hand, kohl is used for a more dramatic look. It is easier to apply and make your eyes attractive. ‘Winged Eyes’ or the ‘retro look’ is very much in style these days. You can be a pro with a little practice with it.


Mascara is a black colored liquid that is used to give a volume to the eyelashes. You can apply one or more coats of it as per your requirements.

Eyebrow pencil:

This pencil is used to define the thin eyebrows. This changes the look of the face immediately.

You can watch the tutorials regarding how to use these products on internet and with some patience, practice and time; you will be able to make your eyes attractively beautiful.

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