Tips for day to day eye primer use

Tips for day to day eye primer use

Eye primer comes in to aid eye shadow stick all day long. This is quite an important role it plays at it enable you to wear your eye shadow without running the risk of smudging it of creating a general mess out of it. With these properties it is one of the most sought after eye products. Here are some easy steps to apply while using eye primer.

Cover your entire eye lid

This is the most important thing to do when it comes to eye primer application. Ensure you cover the entire lid that is from the lash line all the way to the eyebrow before you do anything else. This ensures you’re fully guarded and good to go.

Go light instead of thick

Ensure you use bare minimum primer on application. This is important as it lessens the load on your eyelids. Avoiding too much product on your eyelids is not only the healthier option but also gives the make up a smooth invisible finish that cannot be seen through the makeup upon application.

Go for crease proof eye primer

It’s sad when makeup creases and creates a bulgy look on your face. Without good quality primer you always have to run a risk of your make up lacking that smooth finish we all desire in our day to day makeup ventures. So next time your picking out an eye primer go for the crease proof kind

Go for color intensifying primer

This is a new trend when it comes to the eye primer world. The new designs make the colors of your eye shadow to appear more vibrant and professional. This is quite an advantage especially when using dull eye shadow colors on your eyes.


There so many benefits that comes with use of eye primer. It not only adds on to the quality of your make up, but also protects the eyes from direct contact to your eyes. This makes it a must have thing in your make up kit.

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